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Developed in the 1960s, Lisp is the oldest programming language for AI development. It’s very smart and adaptable, especially good for solving problems, writing code that modifies itself, creating dynamic objects, and rapid prototyping. Thanks to Scala’s powerful features, like high-performing functions, flexible interfaces, pattern matching, and browser tools, its efforts to impress programmers are paying off. It’s now one of the best languages to use for AI development. While Haskell comes with limited support, it is another good programming language you can try for AI development. It offers pure functionality and abstraction capabilities that make the language very flexible.


For example, ‘Numpy’ for scientific computation, ‘Pybrain’ for machine learning, ‘Scipy’ for advanced computing, and ‘AIMA’ for artificial intelligence. Lisp offers several features that include rapid prototyping, garbage collection, dynamic object creation, flexibility, information process capability, and so on. It was originally built as a practical mathematical notation for computer programs. This idea makes it more suitable for artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is a scalable language that can handle large amounts of data.

Some benefits of Python for AI Programming:

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in artificial intelligence , you’ll need to know how to code. This article will provide you with a high-level overview of the best programming languages and platforms for AI, as well as their key features. It is easy to learn, has a large community of developers, and has an extensive collection of frameworks, libraries, and codebases. However, Python has some criticisms—it can be slow, and its loose syntax may teach programmers bad habits. There are many popular AI programming languages, including Python, Java, Julia, Haskell, and Lisp.


Since there are not many Haskell developers, private companies are reluctant to try Haskell. Julia is designed to deal with high-performance numerical analysis and computational science without the typical requirement of separate compilation. It includes a type system with parametric polymorphism and multiple dispatches as its core programming paradigm.

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However, Java is a robust language that does provide better performance. If you already know Java, you may find it easier to program AI in Java than learn a new language. A good programmer can write an AI in nearly any programming language.

  • There’s also memory management, metaprogramming, and debugging for efficiency.
  • It is more popular as a computer algebraic language due to its capability to perform arithmetic operations and natural language processing functions.
  • It was used to develop ELIZA, a therapist chatbox and one of the earliest AI programs.
  • Artificial intelligence adoption has exploded over the past 18 months, and a wealth of organizations across industries have reported plans to expand their AI strategies this year.
  • C++ is a flexible language perfectly suited for resource-intensive applications.
  • It’s used by numerous tech giants, including Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

R is a very popular programming language for statistical programming, especially data analysis and statistical computing. The language was created by statisticians Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman in 1993. As of March 2022, R is ranked at 11th position in the TIOBE index. One of the reasons for Python’s popularity is its extensive collection of libraries, including a neural network library. These core libraries make it easy for machine learning engineers to access and process data easily. With hundreds of ML programming languages to choose from, selecting the best option for machine learning projects can be difficult.

Best Programming Languages for Machine Learning

It represents advanced programming that enables powerful and high-speed computation possible. Post pandemic, AI has become one of the top agendas for businesses as it offers enhanced customer experience, resilience, and reliability. If you think LISP is the perfect AI programming language for your project, but you only have one software engineer who knows LISP on your team, you’re setting yourself up for failure. The skill set of your development team or the talent pool you have access to will be another major factor in choosing a language. The type of application you’re building will have a tremendous impact on the language you choose.


Caffe is a deep learning framework that allows developers to build and train deep learning models in C++. Its scalability, low dependencies, platform independence and support for Java Virtual Machines have made Java a popular general-purpose programming language. A number of AI applications involve big data and crunching of big numbers. Did you know that a special language was developed just for the purpose of statistical computing?

Best Programming Languages for AI Development in 2022

If you are interested, you can check out Hakura, a research project creating embedded probabilistic programming. Its type system and special features like Units of Measure and Type Providers are a perfect match for machine learning and data science. One can use C# on Microsoft’s .NET suite to develop high-level machine learning models. It’s an object-oriented language that contains several useful tools for developing AI apps.

With a clearly defined syntax and simple English keywords, Python is highly readable, and easy to learn. That being said, Python is generally considered to be the best programming language for AI development, thanks to its ease of use, vast libraries, and active community. R is also a good choice for AI development, particularly if you’re looking to develop statistical models.

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The best languages for ai is attentive, talented, & very adaptable to the changing circumstances of business. For getting complete AI solutions to fully embrace AI/ML app capabilities. Generate valuable business insights using Artificial Intelligence, then R will be a perfect choice. So, when you are implementing the algorithm, that’s the time when you need a language. Even though it’s a notion that if you want to go for Artificial Intelligence, you need to know Python, it’s a base language. But, AI programming and its lucrative segments like ML or NLP are not limited to customer engagement or business transformation; it is going beyond that.

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Developed in 2012 at MIT, Julia is a fairly new programming language. It doesn’t offer the extensive libraries or support materials that some of the other AI programming languages do, but it was designed with modern AI requirements in mind. It excels at handling broad numerical analysis tasks and extensive data sets. According to the PYPL index, it has a 31.17% share rate and it is the 1st for popularity among programming languages. If you want to program applications that require data analysis and representation, R is the best alternative we can advise you. This language is open source and has been used to develop solutions in industries such as education, telecommunications, finance and health sciences among others.

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