Remote Onboarding Process: Steps, Tips, Free Checklist

The culture buddy is typically on a different team and selected to help guide the new hire through culture-related discussions and provide additional context on company history and norms. This buddy will chat weekly with the new hire for the first six weeks and normally becomes friends throughout the process.

  • On the other hand, companies that opt for a longer, “boot-camp” style onboarding have much better results, with employees being 29 times more likely to feel satisfied with their jobs.
  • Onboarding becomes even more crucial when it involves remote employees.
  • Keep in mind that while some of the information above may be obvious to you, it may not be to someone who has recently joined the organization.
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  • A lot of what sets the stage for successful employment should happen before day 1.
  • With this comes the feeling of being isolated and not knowing who to ask for feedback and help.

It is important to take note of this throughout the process and use them as a reference point for regularly scheduled check-ins with the new starters. A report by Software Advice shows that 50% of employees are more engaged by taking microlearning courses. Confirming that video should eventually remote onboarding best practices become part of your onboarding process. When possible, create opportunities for your new hire to work with other teams and departments. This broadens their skill set and also helps connect them to a larger network. A manager should schedule a meeting to review the first assignment.

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Getting off to a fast start to give your new colleague early comfort and confidence — making him or her feel welcome. It is especially helpful when buddies are from the same level of hierarchy within the organisation.

Ensure your program isn’t only reading, listening theory and models. Encourage participants to ask questions, solve problems and to actively participate by contributing their own experiences. A structured onboarding program makes new hires 58% more likely to stay at a companyfor three years or longer.

Onboarding Defines Employee Experience

Once they are up and running, chances are they will get busier and busier. For that reason, this is a good time to give them grounding in things like company history, your customers, industry knowledge and allow them to get to know the whole business. Video calls make it easy for new employees to “hang out” with new co-workers as they go about their business on a typical day.

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To help keep people focused and engaged, use checklists of onboarding activities, and don’t be afraid to give people the occasional nudge. Our pre-boarding modules also include detailed guidance and information on key aspects of company culture, like our communication preferences. Pre-boarding might seem like a basic admin task, but overlooking this important step jeopardizes a smooth first day for your new hire. Any first day is stressful and starting a new job remotely in the middle of a pandemic even more so.

Phase 4: Welcoming Remote Employees on Day 1

Remote onboarding is onboarding that is conducted entirely through technology instead of in person. Brower adds that a chief goal of onboarding is helping new employees build social capital—networks of people and information that can help them learn and grow while also increasing retention and engagement. The benefits of feeling connected include being more comfortable asking for help, experiencing a sense of belonging, and feeling positive about the role and the organization. The practice of preboarding—preparing new hires from when they sign an offer letter to when they start work—was a trend before the pandemic. But it’s more critical and complex for remote workers whose first day occurs at home. Employers should instead try curating a distinct virtual experience that’s aligned with the organization’s culture.

  • The business impact of onboarding is more than just immediate productivity.
  • Before your new hire can start learning and meeting new people, they may have to set up a new computer and access essential systems like email, messaging, and project management tools.
  • What’s more, higher productivity was correlated with more frequent meetings with their buddy.
  • “We send offer letters out through our HRIS system, which, once e-signed, triggers the onboarding and background check process.”
  • Remote employees have gone from being the exception to becoming a major part of the workforce.

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